A feast for sore eyes. Fill up!



California Drought

Photos take from the 680 freeway near Sunol, California on November 16, 2015. Imagine that this was all green in the spring.


Pine Tree Branches

Photo by Elizabeth Munroz


Clouds Got In My Way

cirrus clouds above my house in Watsonville, CA

Clouds with Rainbow Sundog

Cumulus Cloud Aptos, CA


Shelby Cobra Automobile

Photos taken September 9 2007  at Gilroy, California


Pacific Ocean Sunset

"The heart and core of everything here is good, 
that whatever may be the surface waves, 
deep down and underlying everything, 
there is an infinite basis of goodness and love."


Northern California Spider - Watsonville

Every year in October this type of spider sets up it's web by my back door.

I have enhance the contrast and color on the center picture.
The spider hangs upside down on it's web. 
I can only get this view because of web location.