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Blogger Problem

Dear Blogger.... Google,

Since you changed some configurations lately regarding the blogger dashboard, you have made a mistake.

I have several blogs to which I need dashboard access.

Now I have no dashboard that gives me the opportunity to choose which blog I want to edit.

I can only see the dashboard for one of my blogs.

You need to fix this so I can see all my blogs on one dashboard page.

I am making this a public post because I cannot find a way to contact someone from Google to notify of this problem.

I can only hope this issue will come to your attention and be resolved.


California Drought

Photos take from the 680 freeway near Sunol, California on November 16, 2015. Imagine that this was all green in the spring.


Pine Tree Branches

Photo by Elizabeth Munroz


Clouds Got In My Way

cirrus clouds above my house in Watsonville, CA

Clouds with Rainbow Sundog

Cumulus Cloud Aptos, CA


Shelby Cobra Automobile

Photos taken September 9 2007  at Gilroy, California


Pacific Ocean Sunset

"The heart and core of everything here is good, 
that whatever may be the surface waves, 
deep down and underlying everything, 
there is an infinite basis of goodness and love."