A feast for sore eyes. Fill up!



Unusually Large Meyer Lemons - Home Grown

"The Meyer lemon is different from the common commercial lemon. It has a much rounder form, smooth unpitted skin, and takes on a deep yellow to orange color when mature. Meyer lemons have a wonderful tangy aroma and are sweeter and less acidic than the standard lemon. The juice of Meyer lemons is a fine substitute for vinegar in salad dressings."


  1. Yours? Wow! Whatever do you do with all those lemons...make lemonade? :)

  2. These lemons are so pretty!

    I wish I had lemons growing in my backyard..

  3. I could make lemonade, but I don't. I love lemon in my tea, which I make daily. I use at least one half lemon per cup. If I "capture" them before they become monsters, I use one lemon per cup. Granted, I use a sweetener in order to balance the flavor. This is the time of year they ripen the most, and I can hardly keep up. So, I share with neighbors and friends. They don't store as long as regular lemons as their skin is thinner. I've got a big crop developing right now. It's nice to have them through the winter. The tree continues to produce year 'round. (I live in central coast California) Perhaps I need to make Lemon Meringue pies this year! Maybe Ilan has a recipe?

  4. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I have never seen Lemons like that before, they are a nice color. They look pretty big too!

  5. The ones I am holding in my hand were two big monsters that were the prize of the tree. Meyer lemons are usually smaller than that. Since yellow is my favorite color, I think they're nice too. ;-)


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